10 Best series Indian Netflix series 2020

10 of Indian Netflix series 2020

10 of Indian Netflix series 2020 which peoples like to watch and can be your favorite after watching all of them. Top 10 Netflix series in India 2020 all in our list contains different shows with different contents it can be thrilling, funny, drama, or sex etc. As we know Netflix is mainly known for its Tagline Netflix and Chill. It is impossible to watch all the Web series so here are the best top 10 Indian web series in Hindi India 2020.

Top 10 of Indian Netflix series

1. Delhi Crime (2019)

This Indian Netflix series based on the ‘Nirbhaya 2012 rape case’ that shocked the all India. Special police force investigating about the culprits who rapped a girl in moving bus.DCP Vartika chaturvedi leads a painstaking search for the culprits.

10 Best series Indian Netflix series 2020
Delhi Crime

2. Sacred Games

Sacred Games is Netflix Hindi thriller series based on the popular Vikram Chandra’s 2006 novel of the same name. Story starts from A mysterious phone call leads a police officer on a chase around Mumbai. Also, it is the first Indian Netflix series also it can assume as best series.

10 Best series Indian Netflix series 2020
Sacred games

3. Ghoul (2018)

This Indian web series is a web horror television based on the Arab folklore monster ghoul and it is the second Indian Netflix series after sacred games.  A young officer named Nida Rahim’s hunts to search for the truth becomes a survival sequence for the officer after strange events start to occur.

10 Best series Indian Netflix series 2020

4.Dharmakshetra (2014)

After the end of the war at Kurukshetra, the Kauravas and Pandavas are considered on the basis of their karma. Accordingly, the warriors either go to heaven or hell. This is based on the Real story Also On Indian thoughts.

10 Best series Indian Netflix series 2020
Dharmakshetra (2014)

5.Devlok (2017)

Devlok with Devdutt Pattanaik is an Indian Hindi series which aired on the EPIC … links, and by adding encyclopedic content written from a neutral point of view. Also this series can be count as a Netflix top series in India.

10 Best series Indian Netflix series 2020
Devlok (2017)

6.Khotey Sikkey (2011)

A cop, who is stuck in his ways, meets five youngsters and together they try to solve a number of cases in their own peculiar manner. This Indian series which is available on Netflix. Also, this Indian series is based on the different cases also loved by mankind.

Khotey Sikkey (2011)

7. Lust Stories (2018)

An anthology of four stories that sheds light on modern relationships from the viewpoint of the Indian woman. This Netflix series is a must-watch series also count as best Series.

Lust Stories (2018)

8. Little Things (2018)

Little Things is an Indian Netflix series by Pocket Aces. It features Mithila Palkar and its second season, with eight episodes premiered on Netflix on 5 October 2018. This story is based on cohabiting couple in their 20s navigate the ups and down of work.

Little Things (2018)


A group of small young men quietly run a lucrative phishing operation from a small village, until a corrupt politician wants a cut of the profit and a cop wants to fight it. This is a Netflix Indian series with lots of action and thrill.



This Indian Netflix series based on An undercover assignment becomes a timid Mumbai constable’s road to empowerment, as she realizes her potential.


These are the best Indian Netflix series you can watch on Netflix 2020. This list contains all kinds of the best Series. Also check out COVID_19.

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