COVID-19 in India 2020

COVID-19 in India 2020

COVID-19 in India 2020

As the cases of the novel COVID-19 are increasing at an unprecedented rate, the governments of different countries are asking their people to stay inside so that the spread of this virus can be controlled and effective measures could be taken.

While this quarantine period could last somewhere between 12-14 days, it is becoming really boring and frustrating for people.

So now the real question that arises is that what can one do while he is staying indoors? 

Well it depends on from person to person how they would like to spend this time. This is no vacation folks that some families intend it to be, like the most of the Indians in the less informed province of the country think about it and take the conditions for granted. When we look at the global numbers and then compare it with our country and the humongous population, the numbers are nearly 0.00001666% of what we are today.

So to control the widespread of this virus the Government has asked to stay indoors as much as we can and not coming out of the homes until it’s really necessary.

So, again the real question arises is that what we should do in the given time? Well here are some tips about how we can spend the quarantine time and staying healthy :-

Working out indoors

COVID-19 in India 2020
  1. As the Gyms are closed due to this, one can work out at while staying at home like doing push-ups and even of different types such as:- 
  • Traditional Push up
  • Wide Grip Pushup
  • Diamond Pushup Staggered Pushup
  • Clap Pushup
  • Superman Pushup
  • Squats 
  • Lunges
  1. Abdominal Crunches
  2. Bent-over Row
  3. Plank

Maintaining a Healthy Diet 

COVID-19 in India 2020

While we are not exposed to all the junk and oily food out in the market it could be really nice time to get ourselves to clean healthy diet as we all know the healthy we eat the stronger our immune system gets and the better we perform in day to day life.


COVID-19 in India 2020

It is a great time for us to increase our knowledge and  self-care our soul and one of the most effective ways to do this is by reading books! 

Books can be really interesting once we get used to it, as there are countless numbers of books out there in the market and online, the chances of getting bored are really less.

watching movies and web-series

COVID-19 in India 2020

Well who knew “Netflix and Chill” would become a reality in today’s world where we don’t even have time to breathe!

Hey folks! You got that. Now we can finish series that we always wanted to.

There are myriad number of web series and movies that we can watch while having coffee or popcorn or a pack of nachos along with a bottle of beer.

meditation and yoga 

COVID-19 in India 2020

Practicing yoga is understood to enhance flexibility, balance, endurance and physical strength. While meditation helps to stay the mind sharp and clear, relieves stress and improves overall well-being.

Well this was all about surviving the boredom and this could teach you to be more adaptive and artistic, and you would possibly discover new interests as you are trying to fight the boredom. Reconnecting and turning to families, I think, is extremely positive. This is often also teaching us to believe what really matters.

stay tune for more !!!

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