Gentleness needs strength

Gentleness needs strength

Gentleness needs strength
Gentleness needs strength

In the world of human being been polite and kind, you need to be gentle with other also. There is small difference between polite, kind and gentle. Polite is “well-mannered”, Kind is “a display of affection or friendly feelings towards others” whereas Gentle is “mild, kind or tender of a character”. To be Gentle need strength to remain clear-minded in all different situation without losing your calmness. It’s a type of stability that everyone like to have in their life and want to see in other. People admire the gentleness, its human tendency to trust those people with their problems who shows them little bit of gentleness.

                            Todays world’s is focus on creating expectations, being short-tempered and not self-reflecting whereas showing gentleness is an act of rebels. So, be rebellious by showing gentleness and people will come to you, ask for your guidance and gentleness is not something which can only be found in one person because it exists in everyone and it is in you its just you have to find the gentleness in you.

Ways to find gentleness is in you are: –

  • Be truthful of yourself

We should always be truthful of our feeling. We all know how it’s easy to sugar-coat your words and lie to someone but you, yourself know what is right and what you are feeling. Sugar-coating and lying about stuff only make situations worst. You can lie to everyone but not yourself so, why not say truth they would feel bad or they would react in very ill-mannered way but they would trust you more because you said truth without sugar-coating or lying. They would know you won’t pretend and be truthful.

  • Use some time to response 

Gentle people don’t respond or react immediately. They take time or create some sort of space by stepping back from the situation to analyse their response correctly for themselves. Gentle people are strong and have full of control of their emotions that they don’t want others to force them do that they don’t want to do.  

  • Care about stuff around yourself

Many people now a days has lost their interest or they don’t want to invest their time about caring about stuff around you which can give a negative vibe and its type of switching off your heart and not care about anything by feeling hopeless, pointless and useless whereas gentle person care about stuff around them, they invest their time to help others and those things give them positive vibe.

  • Deeper your focus on situation

Think about the situation in deeper way analyse it as it need your time or is it worth to invest your time to solve. Every problem needs its time to be solved and its also needs the persons intentions to focus deeper on the problem and gentle spirit always ignite motivation and positive energy by saying “yes I would love to do this work”.   

  • Decide next step

Gentle person would calmly accept and adapt around it without causing any problem or reacting overly. As said in “Use some time to response” gentle spirit would think first because of which they had many good ideas to work on. They would analyse every path and create plans according to that situation and also have the backup plans if situation won’t come under their satisfaction. 

  • Analyse that it didn’t affect other’s

Gentle spirit would consider all the things around them then come to decision. They would have this empathy that they won’t use any of their ideas till they feel satisfy that they won’t hurt someone. This makes human connections is what breeds gentleness. Many people consider the idea for their reason that you won’t grasp but that won’t make them or you bad.

  • Observe 

Gentle spirit has tendency to observe everything in the world, they would observe people around and the situation they are in. Gentle spirit loves to learn stuff from their surroundings and they find solution from the people they are surrounded with. The more you observe or acknowledge your reaction more control you will have. So, if you chose to be gentle its best to control your emotions by stepping back from it and then analysing the situation. 

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