How radiation effects health?

How radiation effects health?

Some radiations are having bad effects on human body. They are causing health diseases one of the radiations that is affecting human body in bad way is ionizing radiation it is a radiation that travel as a particle or electromagnetic wave, that carries sufficient energy to detach electrons from atoms or molecules, thereby ionizing them. They have sufficient energy to affect the atoms in living cells and damage their DNA. As humans cell efficiently repair the extreme damage sometimes damage is not repair correctly or if a cell dies or became cancerous. 

How radiation effects health?

Human should not have any type exposure to this type of emission because being close to an atomic blast cause acute health effects like skin burns and emission sickness. These exposures can cause long term diseases like cancer and cardiovascular disease, low exposure of radiations effects environment which is an indirect way from which minor disease are cause in human body. What happen when human came in large exposures of emission?

  • Acute radiation syndrome (0.75 gray or 75 rad): –

When human body came in large level of exposure over a short period of time. They would feel nausea and vomiting within hours and sometimes they die over couple of days or week. It is also known as emission sickness they are rare and comes with extreme events like nuclear explosion. The 75 rad level of emission would be like getting the emission from 18,000 chest x-rays distributed over entire body in short period. 

  • Cancer risk: –
How radiation effects health?

Low level emission does not affect human immediately but it can increase the risk of having cancer in human body. Low level emission does not directly affect human body it first affects the environment. There are some studies that can keep the record of human being that had been expose to this radiation. It includes atomic bomb survivors and industry workers. These people would have greater chance of having cancer than a normal person. 

 Children and pregnant women are especially sensitive to emission exposure because the cells in children and fetuses divide rapidly which provide more opportunity for emission to cause harm.Also check out


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