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How to be romantic

Every girl has a desire to have a very romantic man for her. Sometimes romance is mixed up with being physical but it is a lot more than just being physical. It’s a feeling and you just need to be confident enough to have romance with her.

How to be romantic

So here are the things you should do to make your relationship romantically healthy:-

  1. The Sweetest throwbacks: When you are with her you should talk about the first everything your first hug, your first kiss, first date together etc. Knowing that you actually remember all this make her closer to you. Just express how you feel at that moment. Show her the photos of your first date with her, the odds photos of each other’s. The old happy flashbacks makes you look very romantic.
  2. Small presents: A small token of love is always appreciated by any girl you are with. Small random gifts like chocolates, her favorite ice cream, a card, a good morning message these are the things that really turn on your relationship romantically.
  1. Little moments: Romance is not a very big or expensive gesture. A decent long hug in public, a forehead kiss, pulling out chair for her are all what romance is all about. Next time you are with her just hold her hand and see the smile on her face.
  2. Compliment her: Girls love compliments. Complimenting her hairs, her eyes, how beautiful she looks at you are so much romantic that any girl can fall for it. Next time you are with her, and she walks towards you appreciate her,  tell her she looks adorable.
  3. Stop over-sharing: There is a difference between romance and over-sharing. There is a thin line between the two. Peeing together is not cool at all, using each other toothbrushes and Combs are not romantic. Technically we all need private space and so did she. So keep in mind no over-sharing.
  4. Go on dates: There is nothing more romantic than going out with the person you love. On dates do frequently talk about stuffs you are having trouble with, justify your love for her and at the end of the day just drop her with a forehead kiss. The more you make her feel happy, more she would be with you.
How to be romantic

These few things can ladder up the romance in your relationship. But the main concept about everything is CONCERN just talk to her that she is okay with all this. Does she feel safe around you or not. Touch can be your best friend or your greatest enemy. Just make sure she feels okay about what you are doing. The way she smiles will tell you if she is okay or not. 

At the end I would just say that the relationship is a    beautiful bond, the more you take care of it the more it gets better. 

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