How to control being Hyper

How to control being Hyper

How to control being Hyper

Hyper / hyperactivity is the state where some human can be abnormally or unusually active. It is human tendency to be hyper but sometimes being “hyper” or hyperactive can be problematic too like when you are in gym working out and still feel the need to do something, anything to wash your adrenaline off when their nothing to be done, then you might have an issue with hyperactivity. Changing your daily routine, reducing distractions and your daily diet can also help you to control your hyper- activeness.

Remedies that can help to control your hyper activeness is:

  • Avoid intake huge amount of caffeine 

Caffeine is considered as stimulant which help human brain to feel energized and help to be focused on work but people who have trouble in sleeping can experience further sleep disturbance or insomnia. It reduces your blood flow to the brain. Chances of you being hyper throughout the day are high. So, avoid intaking huge amount of caffeine like coffee, chocolate, teas and sodas because it can give you a rush of energy.

  • Less sugar food items 

Sugary food items quickly get into your bloodstream and constantly feed your body energy and you would feel hyperactivity throughout the day. 

  • Smoking 

Cigarettes have nicotine which is also stimulant. Smoking can give you unneeded energy boost and makes you behave impulsively. So, it would best to stop smoking to control your hyper feeling.

  • Exercise / hobbies

Excess of energy can be used in negative way so; it is best to put that energy in positive way by doing exercises or working on your hobbies every day. It can help you to maintain your body by being productive.

  • Meditation

Better way to reduce your hyper behaviour is meditation. meditation is solution of all the health problem and stress. Take few moments just to sit in one place and try not to think about your problem and your future goals to want to achieve. Meditation helps to reduce your blood pressure, which can reduce your hyperactivity.

  •  Go outside 

Sometimes been in same environment for too long may cause hyper activeness which can be result of anxiety and going outside or changing your environment would help your mind overcome your hyper- activeness. It wouldn’t matter if it’s for long time or 20 mins, it would be enough to calm yourself down.

  • Reduce the usage of gadgets

One of the main causes of hyper is excess usage of gadgets. Now a day’s people are using their relaxing breaks on tv, mobile and many other gadgets which just make your brain jumping from stimuli to stimuli.

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