How to make snacks at home

How to make snacks at home

Snacks at home quarantine is a pretty good time for enhancing your cooking skills and trying new dishes. So here are some easy snacks to make and enjoy with family. So stay home and eat well. How to make snacks quarantine can be better time to explore, learn new things.

How to make snacks at home

  • French fries with salsa dips
How to make snacks at home

French fries with salsa dips are easy to make whenever you feel hungry and want to eat something different and tasty.

  1. Take 4 to 5 potatoes resin/wash them properly with water.
  2. Peel the skin of potatoes and cut them in shoestring or vertically.
  3.  Put half litre oil in fryer and fry fries till it became golden.
  4. After frying the potatoes put some salt on fries with black pepper if you want.
  5. For salsa dips take mayonnaise and BBQ mayonnaise,
  6. Cut some tomatoes and onions than bring some baby corns.
  7. Mix both barbecue and normal mayonnaise with sliced tomatoes and onions with baby corn. 

Your French fries with salsa dips is ready.

  • Garlic bread with cheese and baby corns
garlic bread
  • Garlic bread with cheese and baby corns are easy and tasty to make. Everyone can make them to remove their instant hungry.
  1. Take a 4tbsp garlic and chop them finely and put them in bowel. 
  2. Put 1tbsp coriander, 100 gm soft butter and chilli flakes 1tsp.
  3. Mix them properly than take sandwich bread and put the garlic butter less but evenly because large amount of garlic butter would be absorbed by the bread and it would become wet.
  4. Put some cheese slice on the bread and baby corn and cover it with another.
  5. Put less but even amount of garlic butter on the outer side of the bread so, it won’t absorb the butter.
  6. Heat a fry pan on medium. Place the garlic bread on fry pan.
  7. Close the fry pan with lid and cook for 2 min and turn the garlic bread on other and wait for 2mins.
  8. Then put some peri-peri flakes and cut the garlic bread into sticks.

Now enjoys garlic bread with cheese and baby corn.

The kids would love these snacks. So enjoy making and having these delicious snacks for you and your family because food brings in the happiness at this tough time. Snacks at home are more healthy, tasty and Less oily.

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