How to make your relationship perfect?

How to make your relationship perfect?

Relationship is all about being with someone who makes you feel special & different. Every relationship is unique in its own way. When a person who seems to like you like no one else & you can also trust that person. You see something good in them. They are the reason behind your smile. 

Conflicts and misunderstanding somehow degrade that relationship. Ego and pride can tear apart a relationship like a rag doll.

So how can we make our relationship “PERFECT”.

The answer is simple! Just find your peace in the right person and make sure to do have some things in mind like the ones mentioned below:- 

  • Be a gentleman: 

Consider you are on a date and you want to make her feel good on the date. What you should do is some little cute steps like stepping back and let her go in first, pull out the chair for her, always ask if she is comfortable with the place. If you are with her, don’t hesitate to show affection to her just hold her hand, a goodbye forehead kiss is what every girl craves for.

  • Don’t overreact: 

If there is a misunderstanding like her So called “ex” striking back and tried to contact her just don’t overreact. Just sit back take a deep breath and just stay with your girl rather than fighting with her. Just make her feel like she is safe and you are always with her.

  • Surprises: 

A girl definitely loves surprises. A surprise doesn’t mean only giving expensive gifts and taking her to exotic places. One can show affection by small subtle things like sending her a cute message at midnight so that the first thing in the morning that will bring a smile to her face would be that message. Surprises can be small and cute too. 

  •  Respect :  

The person you seem to be emotionally attached to needs respect.  And respect in place of every relationship he or she has whether its friends or family . If you respect each other and each other’s feelings there is nothing more happening.

  • Mood swings:

7 days of extreme un-comfort and hormonal rush can makes anyone moody so as your girl. Periods is the major issue that lead to misunderstanding. Mood swings can be handled effectively just by doing an extra effort for her. Bring her chocolate, hug her, cuddle with her, comfort her by telling her how much you love her, and she would be more emotionally bonded by you

So there 5 things can make your relationship way more better than usual. Every relationship is different in its own way and we only know how we handle it. All these 5 things disappear if you don’t give her time. A girl needs affection and time. Not a whole day but an hour or more just to make her day better. 

Text her good morning boom you are on her head at the start of the day.

So make sure you give her time affection and a little bit of these 5 things.

There simple things will make your relationship “perfect”.

-“madhur “

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