How to stay fit??

How to stay fit?

Now or then, once we have always wondered this question. Fitness is not about how good your body is in the flesh but furthermore fitness depends on the overall fitness of body as in emotionally, mentally and physically fit. Being fit needs a lot of hard work and extra care on some decent factors like what we consume.

How to stay fit??

So the real question revolves around how to stay fit? Well the scene revolves around 5 major points:-

  • Sleep schedule
  • Concentrate on your diet
  • Exercise
  • Pick a hobby
  • Active lifestyle

Sleep schedule: Sleep reduces stress and enhances overall metabolism of the body. A good 8 hour sleep is very necessary when it comes to proper functioning of a human body. Power naps for like 20-40 minute in afternoon can boost up your mood and energy. All the important hormone stimulation and chemical reaction in your body takes place in sleep only. So in order to stay fit a good quiet sleep is must.

Concentrate on your diet: The food you take is also a major factor in order to stay fit. The macros and micro nutrients you take in your diet readily affect your body. Reducing sugar in food and increasing the contents of green vegetables can help your body to get all the essential nutrients. Cut the sweet and concentrate more on greens. A packet full of all the nutrients has to be in your meal. The healthy your diet is the more you will stay fit.

Exercise: A moving body is a healthy body. Exercise is yet another part of staying fit. Going cycling, cardio, gym and even walking can help you and your muscles to grow and function properly. Yoga is also a very good meditation exercise. If you want to stay fit you have to work hard on exercising.

How to stay fit??

Pick a hobby: Picking up a hobby helps you to stay emotionally as well as physically well. Stress is a parasite to your health, it is slower the ability of your brain to act correctly. So in order to distract your mind, pick a hobby. The stress will eventually leave when you are having fun doing something you like. The more emotionally stable and strong your mindset is, the more fit you are.

Active lifestyle: If you have a desk job, sticking for a long time on your desk just sitting can readily affect your fitness. Having an active lifestyle where you move your body physically like walking in free time or doing yoga can uplift your health and well-being. Active lifestyle makes you mentally fit and cuts out the mental stress. So pick an active lifestyle in order to stay fit.

So these were the small step towards how to stay fit. Follow these simple steps and drink more water. It is quite definite that more fit the person is, the more productive he/she can become.

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