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Is That Oneplus 8 Lite /OnePlus Z come about for the Indian Market ??

Recently, Oneplus has launched their flagship devices Oneplus 8 and Oneplus 8 Pro with better specifications, cameras and display. Company coming up with a new gadget Oneplus 8 Lite/OnePlus Z. Keeping the Indian market in mind device coming up with Best performance, Best cameras and the main best part is Less price.

On 14 April, company has launched Oneplus 8 and pro with a punch hole display which is a new kind of display for Oneplus devices with the same kind of display Lite version is coming with. Also, according to renders Oneplus putting a different style of back panel into it.

OnePlus Z Can be the best phone for Gaming enthusiasts, due to Oneplus device Performance, in India, Company lauching a new device which can be a device for everyone.

Oneplus 8 Lite /OnePlus Z leaks and design

Based On the Previous Launches Company renders shows that device coming up with a punch hole display and have a different design as compare to others. This device can be a cheaper device for Indian users with the latest specifications. As this article headline suggests.

The OP 8 Lite version / OnePlus Z could be meant for Indian markets, considering the flagship prices OP8 and OP 8 Pro have higher prices But for Indian users prices hasn’t revealed yet. OnePlus couldn’t announce the Lite version due to the ongoing coronavirus crisis. And, had mentioned that the company had postponed the launch for the upcoming summer May 2020.

OnePlus is popular in India, for its flagship offerings but not for this premium pricing. The company had always made sure that their devices in India were always value for money. But at this pricing this is not reasonable for oneplus 8 Pro and also pro version is not value for money for Indian public. After the pricing released we will update you and also OP 8lite prices are also according to them.

Is That Oneplus 8 Lite/OnePlus Z come about for the Indian Market ??

Oneplus 8 Lite

Also, the reports shows cheaper prices OnePlus 8 Lite/OnePlus Z. Though the company had launched the devices already, the Indian pricing is yet to be known. Lite version can be the best budget friendly device from the company Lite version come about for the Indian Market yes, The OP8 Lite is the chepeast device and meant for budget friendly users, and they can also experience the Oneplus UI in this budget segment.

In the corona crises situation company this can be the best time to create hype about the device and it can be beneficial for company sales figure.

OnePlus 8 Lite / OnePlus Z Specifiactions & much more

OnePlus Z is reportedly a makeover to the OnePlus X smartphone launched after OnePlus 2. The renders reveal a line up of triple rear cameras on the back and a punch-hole camera on the front. While the others featured the punch hole on the corner, the Lite version carrying hole at the center.

And, lastly, the renders also suggest, the Lite version or the OnePlus Z would likely be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 765G, but would still have a 90Hz refresh rate display. Stay tune for Prices

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