National single day

National Single Day

National single day is celebrated on Sept 22 in U.S. which is similar to Chinese holiday, Singles day, on Nov 11. For some time, National Single Day is also known as Single’s Awareness Day (S.A.D). This day is not to celebrate not only the accomplishments of singles but also break down all the myths surroundings the single lifestyle. It is the day were single people go for clubbing, shopping, trips or whatever they want to do. Singles day is for people who love be bachelors or for some reasons they are bachelors, so in this day they would give themselves treat by doing what they want to do.

               Even though it is not celebrated in large scale then Valentine’s Day it still it is the biggest shopping day in entire year. Single’s Day accounted for $37 billion in retail commerce- more than five days from Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday combined. Alibaba alone saw $12 billion in retail purchases in first hour of Singles Day. The Chinese e-commerce giant says its sales surpassed $1 billion within first eight seconds of Singles Day. 

                     The reason why Chinese celebrate this day in Nov 11 is because in digits November is 11 means one-one and date is also one-one. As one number is also known for single and it would be easy to remember. Thus, some lonely guys at china Nanjing University decreed that November 11 would be Singles’ Day, a holiday devoted to celebrated their single status. Other explanation is that number 11 is represents as “bare sticks”, Chinese slang for bachelor.

happy singles day

                                                 Whatever its origin, the holiday’s popularity grew rapidly in China. One of the main reasons was perhaps Chinese society mainly focuses on marriage and children. Many U.S. – based celebrities to tout their own product lines on single day Taylor Swift and Mariah Carey have shilled via live-streaming for Singles Day. Kim Kardashian is out promoting Alibaba, Singles Day with promoting her perfume. This day is made to acknowledge their achievements and forget about all the hardships they are facing to have fun and do something for myself.
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