Quarantine days as in year 2020 many countries are lockdown because of coronavirus also known as Covid-19. Quarantine means “a state, period, or place of isolation in which people or animals that have arrived from elsewhere or been exposed to infectious or contagious disease are placed”.

                       People are forced to quarantine in their home for few months in some countries because of extent of deaths cause by this epidemic (Covid-19) and people who are infected are quarantine in isolation camps made by government. Adults are working from home and children/students are having classes online. People are stocking their house inventory with their daily basis necessities so, they don’t have to go outside. Government are using extreme measures for public to stay quarantine and only go outside when they need medical treatment or when their necessities were out of stock. Online Campaigns are started for people to share their videos of them staying at home on #stayhome and making themselves useful. 

What we can do in Quarantine days?

  1. Spend time with family 

Now in quarantine days its best if we spend time with our family because when this quarantine days would over, you once again won’t have time to spend with your family. Spend as much as time as you can with your family that you haven’t given them in the past. Play indoor games with your family like Ludo, UNO, snakes and ladder, business game, cards etc. 

  1. Cooking 

In quarantine days many people feel stressed up and its human tendency to make themselves busy. Cooking would make you stress free and you would be busy for a while. You can make whatever food you want to eat by looking at recipe on YouTube or Google. Cooking gives you satisfaction that ordering food can’t give you. Cooking makes to stress free because of food aroma. People love the aroma of spices it gave them some kind of peacefulness and cooking food is the best option to maintain your health and immunity because if you have low immunity than Covid-19 would affect our immunity.

  1. Workout 

To maintain your health in this epidemic is most important because as Covid-19 affects our immunity. You can do exercise at home also. It would make you stress free and burnout the extensive energy feel from been at house. Doing physical activities would improve your strength and sleep. Many physicians encourage people to stay physically active because working out effect at reducing fatigue, improving alertness and concentration, and at enhancing overall cognitive function. It was studied that aerobic exercise has been shown decrease overall tension and stabilize mood, improve mood.

  1. Hobbies 

In this quarantine days you can do once again start the hobbies that you haven’t done because of your busy schedule. You can once again start your hobbies which you once love doing like painting, singing, playing guitar, reading novels etc. it time to be done what you love. Reliving all your hobbies makes you happy, stress free and entertained.

  1. Web Series

When you feel stressed, you probably know that something like exercise and meditation will relieve your stress in the short run and build resilience in the long run but sometimes you want something else that might help you to relieve your stress which is web series. Watching your favorite web series sometimes help to you to calm down and go into your comfort zone. The funny web series mostly help to reduce your stress and such web series are ‘friends’, ‘Big Bang Theory’, ‘Brooklyn nine-nine’ etc. Checkout more


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