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tuborg beer
Tuborg Beer

Tuborg beer which is the most famous beer in India in affordable price.In earlier days of its launch it is the best beer in this price range. Also among youngters it is a used by them as to restore them.If strong beers you feel tipsy then you can select Tuborg. Tuborg is a bottom-fermented lager beer the yeast works at the bottom of the wort, at a much lower temperature. … Because the reaction takes longer, bottomfermented lagers ferment at a low temperature for a longer time. Which makes the beer Brewing it on lager malt results in its well-known mild, fresh taste makes you refresh.

Taste of tuborg is slighty different from other beer brand it doesnt make you feel tipsy so early due to its less strong taste also it has medium rich and moderate bitterness in its after taste. Tuborg Gold has an alcohol content of 6.5% where as Tuborg classic boasts of the alcohol content of 6.7%.

According to me and my boon companions Tuborg is the best beer we can afford regularly and its makes us so refreshing and restoring that we forgot our daily problems and makes us fast and furious.


It tastes exceptional when gulped down with light meals such as salads, nachos , starters like chicken tikka.But now a days Tuborg doesn’t come with that mild taste. Quality of it decreases due to lot of demand in market making it tastes like coconut water. still it can better if the Tuborg beer brings backs the smoothness again.That milt taste and the little bitterness in the aftertaste which is must.If you like strong taste dont go for it otherwise Tuborg can be your first choice.

Price: ₹ 95.00 For Tuborg Green Beer-CANS-500ML. ₹ 120.00 For Tuborg STRONG PREMIUM Beer 650ML

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